APG Performance offer over 3000 car models application.


  • 2x APG Forged calipers (Forged 6061-T6 alloy)
  • 2x 2-pcs rotors with alloy hats (Option full-floating rotors available)
  • 2x Teflon/stainless steel DOT/ADR compliant brake lines
  • 2x Direct bolt-on caliper mounting brackets and bolts
  • 1 Set Brake pads (Other brands available)
  • All necessary mounting hardware for direct bolt-on install


  • Forged 6061-T6 aerospace grade alloy 2-piece calipers
  • Radial mount design for less flex
  • Pistons 6061-T6 alloy with anti-corrosion coating
  • Dual seals with high temperature resistant oil ring and dust scrappers
  • Stainless steel bleed screw
  • Carbon steel caliper adapter for direct bolt-on installation guaranteed
  • Teflon and stainless steel brake lines DOT/ADR approved with banjo bolt.
  • CNC machined logo
  • Anti-corrosion coating or custom color finish: “Anodized ”+“Powder Coat Paint”



Anodized is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.  APG anodized finish is also a 2-3 layers procress only in Iron Grey and Black color.

Anodized Color

grey.pngIron Grey red.pngRed light-blueLight Blue blueBlue orange.pngOrange dark-gold.pngDark Gold gold.pngGold   purple.pngPurple green.pngGreen deep-blue.pngDeep Blue orange-yellow.pngOrange Yellow silver.pngSilver black.pngBlack brownBrown titanium.pngTitanium

Powder Coat Paint

High quality customize paint color option.

Powder Coat Paint Color

yellow.pngYellow red.pngRed pink.pngPink blue.pngBlue orange.pngOrange yellow-green.pngYellow Green gold.pngGold     purple.png Purple green.pngGreen deep-blue.pngDeep Blue light-orange.pngLight Orange silver.pngSilver blackBlack white.pngWhitelight-blue.pngLight Blue titanium.pngTitanium lime-green.pngLime Green


  • 2-piece rotors with 6061-T6 aerospace grade alloy hat.
  • Fully balanced from the factory
  • Rotor ring in FC25 cast iron with anti corrosion coating.
  • Drilled / Slotted / Drilled and Slotted rotor ring available at no extra cost. (We advise drilled for street and slotted only for track and race applications)
  • Full-floating rotors use floating hardware with anti-rattle system (removable and rebuildable). It provides a lower tendency to warp, less drag and wear as the rotor ring centers itself with the pads. Available for 330x32mm rotors and bigger only.



  • We have four compounds of brake pads to give you high performance braking, depending on your driving conditions. You can see the description of each compound below.
  • You can also use other brake pad brands with our calipers.
    (Such as Brembo, Ferodo, Hawk, Mintex, PAGID, Wilwood or more…)



– Street pads (Grey)

For street use, providing no noise, very little dust, good braking power and friction both at low and high temperatures.

These are specifically designed in order to provide good bite and feel as well as good longevity of the pads and rotors.

Optimal temperature range: 0~500°C

Maximum temperature: ~550°C

Coefficient of friction: 0.38~0.45

– Sport pads (Blue)

For street/track use, providing low noise, little dust, high braking power and friction both at low and high temperatures.

These are specifically designed in order to provide stronger bite and race feel as well as good longevity of the pads and rotors.

Optimal temperature range: 0~550°C

Maximum temperature: ~600°C

Coefficient of friction: 0.40~0.50

– Race pads (Red)

For race use only: for maximum braking power, bite and friction. Those brake pads are noisy, they will wear out the rotors faster than the street pads and produce more dust. The operating temperature range is higher and it is not safe for everyday street use.

However, they are a must for a race car or track day providing a consistent and predictable strong braking and longevity at high temperatures. Feel free to request two sets of pads if you want a set for street and a set for race for your weekend warrior.

Optimal temperature range: 100~700°C

Maximum temperature: ~750°C

Coefficient of friction: 0.42~0.58

– Pro Race pads (Yellow)

For race use only: this is a new race compound that pushes the limits even further. We were able to achieve a much higher temperature range while offering a very high coefficient of friction for extreme race use conditions.

Optimal temperature range: 100~800°C

Maximum temperature: ~850°C

Coefficient of friction: 0.58~0.68

Patented Handbrake Retaining Device

●  Most brands of brake kits on the market don’t have a solution for this, so the parking brake will no longer function. Fortunately APG has the answer in the form of our patented line lock system.

●  The line lock modules come attached to our caliper mounting brackets, so you don’t need to mess around finding a place to mount them. The line lock and bracket assembly mount onto the vehicle hub with 2 bolts only, just like any other rear brake kit.

Electronic handbrake line locks

●  Presenting our eagerly awaited patented electronic line lock system. This system has been designed to work with vehicles that have replaced the traditional handbrake cable with an electronic motor and fly-by-wire control unit.

●  The system is a direct replacement for the OEM part, and requires no modification for installation. As you can see from the pictures below, the line lock slots onto the OEM handbrake motor, and is secured in place by our caliper brackets.

●  The unit has two brake lines connected to it – one receiving brake fluid from the master cylinder, and other sending fluid to the brake caliper. When you apply the handbrake the valve closes, forcing brake fluid to the caliper under pressure, which causes the pistons to extend and lock the disc in place.

All APG PERFORMANCE products sold are subject to the following warranty

APG PERFORMANCE offers limited warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship but does not cover negligent use/installation by user.

 Details of Warranty is as below:

Caliper body and Brackets: 2 years.(excluding color of anodizing and painting)

Rotors: 3 months or 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Brake pads are not covered by warranty as it is a consumable unless a defect is present prior to installation and use. Aggressive compound models such as the Race pads (yellow) tend to have loud noise while braking, this is normal.

The APG Performance warranty program is applied for street use under normal operating conditions only.

This warranty does not apply to any brake products that have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect (including but not limited to improper maintenance), improper installation, or alterations.

  • If there are any problems with APG PERFORMANCE parts after receiving the product, please contact us as soon as possible. After review, we will send you replacement parts free of charge under the APG PERFORMANCE Warranty.
  • When returning a product, please contact us to start a claim file before shipping the product to us. Return shipping charges will be paid by the buyer.
  • Depending on the buyer’s location, import duty or tax might be applicable upon

receiving the order.

  • Our Big Brake Kits are custom built to order with many variants so we will only

accept a return if our big brake kit is faulty or not performing as it should or if cannot

be fixed or repaired by sending replacement/revised parts. We guarantee the fitment of

your big brake kits to be bolt-on to your car and we will send you revised replacement

parts if should it not fit, free of charge.

  • APG PERFORMANCES executes very strict quality control throughout our manufacturing process and we are constantly improving our designs and specs with our growing database. It is important for us to keep the rate of return transactions low so that we may keep providing you the best prices and custom specs. Therefore, please take note of the specs you choose when ordering your brake kit while also keeping the Lug Pattern of your hub and wheel specs in mind.

Once production has started on your order, changes of color choice and fitment specs will require an additional fee if we receive the notice in a reasonable time. 

  • APG PERFORMANCE is not responsible for the clearance of the brakes to wheels. Clearance

problems with the wheel spokes can arise when fitting larger diameter brakes. Wheel fitment

and compatibility is the responsibility of the customer.

  • We advise you to check with your APG Representative to provide the brake templates before making a decision to purchase. The use of spacers can help with clearance issues however, if you are not ready to purchase spacers in order to solve any possible clearance issues, we can also point you toward a kit that will fit without spacers if that is your main priority.
  • Once the package leaves APG Performance’s facility, APG Performance is

responsible for the package to arrive to the customer’s provided address. Our warehouse packages every item with the best protection possible to prevent shipping damage. If you receive a damaged part, DO NOT accept the package and have the shipping company

immediately return it to the sender. If the shipping company has left a damaged package

in your absence, immediately contact the shipping company and have the package

returned to the sender. Missing, damaged or incorrect parts are non-returnable after 30

business days, regardless of the party at fault. Please contact us immediately if any of

the above occurs. Our liability does not cover lost or stolen packages mailed back by the

customer containing the parts being claimed under the warranty. As the customer

is the shipper, only the shipper can file lost claims with the shipping company.