APG Performance Brake detailed write up and testing on A90 Supra.

The detailed write up and testing on A90 Supra from MKV Supra Tech Talk

Shaun Tee.

As people start modding and going faster, one key thing people often overlook are the brakes. While the stock brakes work pretty good, I took the opportunity to try out the APG 6-pot front BBK kit for the Supra:

APG A90 Supra front BBK

TL;DR : Awesome BBK brakes that perform as great as they look at a great pricepoint!

Design : 4/5 – Lightweight, radial mounted, 6 pot forged monoblock calipers, with 2 piece rotor design.

Installation : 3/5 – Though lacking in detailed instructions, it is still pretty straightforward if you are logical about it.

Value : 4/5 – While it is still on the pricier side for mods, it does come with everything including ss lines, pads, etc.


Performance 4/5 – Brakes bite very hard now, so you’ll need to be judicious with you feet, but a noticeable improvement in brakes times.

zFactor : 5/5 – while they are already blinged out with a variety of colors and designs, one other cool factor is that you can actually mount some 17″ wheels now (for the trackhos out there)!

zTT Score : 4/5 : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as they perform as well as they look for a great price!

Design : Toyco stock specs are 348mm rotors oem, 4 pot, 46lbs oem (28.8 rotors, 17.2 calipers) vs APG’s 356mm rotors, 6 pot 32lbs (21lbs rotors, 9.6 calipers, 1 bracket and ss lines). That’s a significant savings of ~14lbs per front corner. They calipers are also radially mounted for better alignment and rigidity as well. Each caliper is a strong and lightweight forged monoblock unit, while the rotors utilize a 2 piece aluminum hat design.

Installation : The instructions that come with the kit were in black and white and were rather ambiguous. However, it wasn’t difficult to figure out through a little trial and error. The biggest issue was rerouting the too long SS lines, and figuring out where to put the stock brake sensors. Otherwise, everything went in pretty well.

Performance : I chose the street/track pads, so combined with the SS lines, my brakes have a bit more bite to them then OEM rotors and the Dragy 60 to 0 data shows it with a .2 decrease in times. You have to be much more judicious on the brakes now though, as you

APG Brakes
60 – 0 : 2.84, 117.9 ft
Stock OEM Brakes
60 – 0 : 3.03, 122.3 ft

Value : $2k+ brake kits arent usually associated with being budget friendly, but these are about 1/3 to 1/2 the costs of competing BBKs out in the market today, and comes with all necessary SS lines and brake pads as well.

zFactor : Unlike other BBK kits, there’s a lot of customizability you can do, including picking the usual drilled/slotted rotors, but also the color of the rotor hats and calipers (including being fully anodized) to max out the bling factor. Also, as an added bonus, for the track guys, you can mount some 17’s now as well to run much cheaper track tires!

Final Thoughts : The APG A90 Supra BBK kit is exactly what i wanted: a lightweight, cost effective BBK kit that helps me brake better for my high speed runs. As an added bonus, they look fantastic and they surprisingly allowed me to run 17s in the front!


Special thanks to Alvin Chiang. Please contact him for all your APG brake needs!